TdF 2007

TdF 2007 1.1

Keep up to date with the Tour


  • Quick entering of information
  • Graphics, tables and maps


  • You'll have to enter data

Very good

TdF 2007 has all the information you need to stay right at the front of this year's Tour de France. Keep up to speed with the runners, the stages, the bikes, the maps of the route, in fact everything apart from the yellow jersey.

It's extremely fast to pedal your way around and you can simply scroll through all the information meaning you won't lag behind as the day's action climbs through the villages and mountains of France.

TdF 2007 includes information on the day's racing, the stages, the equipment registered, the runners, maps of the routes and other geographic data.

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TdF 2007


TdF 2007 1.1

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